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User Number: 11080593
Date Created:09.05.2006
Number of Posts: Jillion

I am a Guy who almost always looks like he just came from a Shit venue, or the Skate Park; unless I need to look presentable :). I love FOOD, Video Games, Bikes, Rollerblading, Running and jumping over Random Shit, Hanging out with Friends, Music, and Group Efforts. I believe in things beyond general perception, and accept Most of East Asian Philosophy. I used to be very very Gothy, I'm less so now. I've also gotten past a lot of past problems, and look forward to beating the Shit out of the rest of them. The biggest of all being my Rage, I'm now as gentle as a Buddhist Monk... Mostly.
Strengths: Fast, Jumps High, Agile; pretty much a Featherer Build. 20/16 Vision, Good with Language, and always stand up for my friends.
Weaknesses: Get distracted sometimes.... oh!, I'm still writing... Good then. Well, I also talk a bit past the amount I probably should, and I'm Rubbish at anything if my Heart's not in it. And commiting things to memory.
Special Skills: Running, Sprinting, towering over the Munchkinland that the world's turned into, Spotting things no one else notices, Analogical Thinking, And I can pick up language fairly quick. Plus, Beatboxing, Tree-Climbing, Easing tough situations, and Writing.
Weapons: Tact, My own Body; Running Tackles, Midair Tackles, Rolling Attacks, Kicks, Elbows, HeadButtTM (If I need to.), and Pure, Unadulterated F@#%ING RAGE. Again; if I need to. I love ArmBlades, Currently have none :(. But if Shit gets bad... LEAD PIPE!!!!
Creed: Rain, Snow, Sleet, Hail, Undead, Eclipses lasting more than a month, Epidemics, Monotheistic Wrath, Polytheistic Wrath, The Dark one's Wrath, Drought, Blizzard, Raining Men or Large Women, Domestic pets falling From the Stratosphere, Alien Invasion, Illegal Alien Invasion, Or Complete Fuggin' Annhilation, I will ALWAYS(!!!) be there Before the Fucking Postman.

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